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BLP Industry.AI and Sharper Shape launch strategic partnership to provide asset management technologies using advanced AI for the Transmission & Distribution Sector using drones, helicopters, and ground-based collection platforms.

New Delhi, San Jose, California, 7 July 2021

The partnership will provide cost-effective solutions for asset management, vegetation management, and digital twin technology for monitoring and maintaining the electricity grid, including electric utility poles, towers, conductors, transformers, and other vital components. In addition, the combined technologies and capabilities can transform electric powerline inspection through the use of helicopters, drones, and other platforms with advanced sensor packages.

Silicon Valley-based Sharper Shape, the global market leader for utility power line inspections using aerial inspection, AI, and machine learning to create digital twins for asset, vegetation and risk management, and BLP Industry.AI (“Industry.AI”), the leading Enterprise AI and Industrial IoT company in India, today announced a strategic partnership to provide AI-based asset management technologies and solutions for electricity transmission, distribution lines and substations in India. These efforts will also help to accelerate and achieve net-zero emissions.

Industry.AI and Sharper Shape share the belief that advanced AI technologies shall play a significant role in transforming electricity grid management. The partnership combines both firms’ expertise in advanced AI technologies to increase grid safety, reliability, resilience, and reduce carbon emissions.

India is focused on providing reliable, affordable, uninterruptible (24×7) and Quality Power for All. Therefore, the power transmission network of more than a million circuit kilometers, which is undergoing significant growth each year, must have access to the most advanced technologies in the world. In addition, the use of advanced data collection technology on helicopters, drones, and ground-based platforms, analysis of the data, and the insights provided will help increase the uptime of the grid, avoid grid blackouts, and help the environment through advanced vegetation management.

Sharper Shape has deployed Sharper CORE, their asset management platform for more than 38,000 miles and 1,200,000 poles in the U.S. and Europe. In addition, sharper Shape spearheaded the use of long-distance commercial drone flights for utilities in the U.S., South America, and Europe. In the U.S., Sharper Shape’s technologies have been instrumental in helping to identify and mitigate wildfires for more than 25,000 miles and to identify more than 5.3 million trees at risk in high-fire threat areas.

Industry.AI has deployed its advanced computer vision AI technologies (“Trust.AI”) for safety and security in grid operations and substations. In addition, the company provides industrial IoT and advanced AI products (“Predict.AI”) to reduce downtime and failures in transformers to help grid uptime.

“Disruptive innovation and bold ideas are needed to transform grid operations,” said Tejpreet S Chopra, Founder, and CEO of the BLP Group. “Through collective efforts with partners and pioneering collaboration, we will deploy cutting edge data collection and AI technologies in India for grid management. Industry.AI is committed to developing new technologies to solve challenges, such as net-zero emissions and power for all. These efforts will improve the lives of people”.

“Bold, aggressive actions are needed to provide safe, secure, and reliable power and make the net-zero ambition a global reality,” said Chris Beaufait, Chief Executive Officer of Sharper Shape. “Our partnership will unlock the strengths and capabilities of both organizations in providing cutting-edge inspection, AI, and digital twin technologies to the energy sector in India and the world.”

About SharperShape
Developed with utilities, for utilities, Sharper Shape offers a holistic and proactive approach to utility asset and vegetation management. Bringing together typically siloed processes, Sharper Shape has transformed inspection automation, applying AI and machine learning to unlock otherwise impossible efficiencies and deliver sharper intelligence for a safer world. For more information, visit

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