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Meet the world’s
leading provider of Enterprise AI

BLP “Industry.AI” is a technology product firm focused on the application of AI and IIoT in industry. We have built an advanced proprietary AI-based Industrial IoT platform, “Orion”. Through Orion, we drive productivity (machine uptime, cycle time reduction, OEE, employee productivity, asset tracking, etc), reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, and improve quality/sustainability. We work with a variety of industries including rail, energy, ports, auto, steel, FMCG, manufacturing, airlines, transportation, sugar, oil & gas, etc. Our strength lies in advanced IoT technologies and core AI. We focus on digitizing entire factories across locations and geographies, data ingestion, analyzing the data, and then providing actionable insights.

Industry Recognition

Our core values


Our ambition is to solve problems that have never been
solved before.


We are self-learners, fulfilled by continuous knowledge acquisition to accelerate innovation.


We comport ourselves with unwavering ethical integrity, respect,
and courtesy.

Collective Intelligence

The respect we have for the intelligence and capabilities of one another fosters boundless collaboration.