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Lucas TVS uses artificial intelligence to keep its workplace safe from Covid-19

May 25, 2020 | by ManufacturingToday

Selects BLP Industry.AI’s social distancing product.

Lucas TVS has announced that BLP Industry.AI (“Industry.AI”), a leading enterprise AI and Industrial IoT company, is working with Lucas TVS as its strategic provider for AI based technologies to keep their workforce safe during these COVID times.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, Lucas TVS selected Industry.AI’s “Trust AI” product to provide alerts when social distancing is breached at the factory. TRUST AI is an Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision powered video analytics monitoring product that issues an alert when anyone is less than the desired distance from a colleague. It uses existing IP camera’s and CCTV cameras combined with computer vision to ensure social distancing is enforced, and when breached, an alarm is triggered. This cost-effective technology has also been trained to detect when people are not wearing masks, helmets, or safety gear. The alert is sent out through the PA system or hooter in a factory. However, in a safe environment of an office or a factory, an alert can also be sent to a person’s phone, email or to the administrator.

The software uses neural network models and mathematical models. The Neural network model identifies the people, and other algorithms calculates the distance between the people. This is achieved given Industry.AI’s experience in handling big data analytics, cloud computing, and complex machine learning capabilities. Combined with the ability to analyse vast amounts of real time data using a number of computer vision algorithms to provide alerts.

“Workforce safety is the number one priority at Lucas TVS,” said Arvind Balaji, Lucas TVS Joint Managing Director. “By leveraging advanced AI and IoT solutions from Industry.AI, we are ensuring continuity in production to help the automotive sector return to normalcy.”

Tejpreet S. Chopra, CEO of Industry.AI said, “Lucas TVS is a leader in the industry. It’s vision, and technical ability goes beyond the automotive sector. Its embrace of AI and IoT applications in areas such as workforce safety is a good example of their leadership in utilizing technology.”

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