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Predictive Maintenance.

Asset Performance Optimization.

What does Predict.AI do? 

Real-time asset health and condition monitoring  

Predict asset equipment

Asset Visual Auditing
for Safety, Technical
and Operational Compliance.

Visual inspection for PPE compliance in factories, ports, steel and cement factories.  

Industry Use Cases 


One Integrated Application for Asset health and performance monitoring

Our application brings your assets to life. It displays all your asset health parameters and simplifies your asset maintenance. The application will monitor all parameters including vibration, temperature, and humidity under the Orion IoT platform. User-friendly dashboard and alerting systems help to easily view asset parameters and projections.

Centralized Control

Our monitoring system connects asset and equipment seamlessly, delivering centralized control with a single user interface. Your asset management team can easily monitor and manage asset performance efficiency, and overall asset health. Asset managers can schedule asset maintenance based on the predicted future health of the asset.

Open Architecture

An open source software platform, that provides ease of integration and looks towards the future. Our IoT platform offers real-time management that maximizes efficiency, minimizes operating costs and reduces environmental impact.


Turn data into actionable insights using our AI/ ML analytic models to improve asset availability, reduce downtime and optimize performance for your assets. Gain valuable insights to assess probability and impact of equipment failure. Make informed decisions with regards to asset repair, refurbish or replacement of assets before they fail. Optimization of asset maintenance reduces operational costs.

Value based SaaS model

Simple and easy to comprehend – our value bases Saas model provides easy revenue forecasting and value based service.

Scalable across sites

Easily connect assets and systems across locations with IoT-enabled infrastructure. Analyze the performance of a single asset type or across your aggregated portfolio. Collect data from across sites in a centralized platform to easily compare trends and improve operation.

Ease of use

Designed to be used by everyone. Our easy to read and understand dashboards make information accessible and decision making easy. Easily build and share your reports identifying problems and trends.


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