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Real time asset tracking and asset condition information.  

Easily connect facilities, vehicles, goods and systems across locations with IoT-enabled infrastructure. The application will monitor all parameters including location tracking of goods and vehicles, delayed or damaged goods, asset condition, and fleet and logistics operations under our Orion Enterprise AI and IoT  platform. Get insights into operations and workforce management systems and processes. AI based platform to improve supply chain management and avoid disruptions.

with the AI Platform


Supply Chain Asset Tracking and Route History

Real time tracking of asset in transit.  End to end visibility into logistics and fleet operations.  

with the AI Platform


Real Time Condition Reporting

Real time asset temperature and humidity level exposure alerts. Tilt and vibration sensors send an alert that your sensitive goods have tilted or are vibrating.

with the AI Platform


Real-time notifications when conditions cross set thresholds

Designed to be used by everyone. Managers can identify supply chain disruptions quickly and take remedial action in a timely manner.

with the AI Platform


Significant Improvements in the Efficiency of Mantainence of Assets

Get the most out of your assets and prevent costly breakdowns with preventive maintenance.

with the AI Platform


Protect Your Assets with Asset Tracking 

Get an alert if the asset is moved or operated without authorisation. Create geo-fencing alerts to ensure perimeter safety.

with the AI Platform

One integrated app for all your supply chain operations. Designed to be used by everyone. Improve efficiency and reduce waste. Collect data from across sites in a centralised platform to easily compare and improve operations. Easily build and share your reports with details on assets including under-utilised assets and whether to deploy assets in different locations.

with the AI Platform


Turn data into actionable insights

Our analytic models help you make informed decisions that help all supply chain stakeholders. Optimise delivery times, reduce maintenance & operation costs by analysing effective turn around times, routes of travel and inspection times.

with the AI Platform


One integrated application for all your supply chain operations.  Our tracking software solution integrates with existing systems to display all your supply chain management related operations and parameters in one place.  Data gets  collected from all assets (regardless of model or manufacturer) into one place in order to streamline asset management and reduce human error.

A single dashboard displays complete asset visibility, including location, current status and usage history.

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