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Industry.AI is an Enterprise AI and Industrial IoT company driving digital transformation.  

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Industrial AI driving digital transformation and productivity across industries

Asset Performance Management

Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance algorithms monitor the condition of your assets to reduce machine downtime, and predict failure of the asset.   Optimization of asset maintenance reduces operational costs.

Asset Performance Optimization

Leverage big data and AI to gain insights to help you improve efficiency of your assets.

Real Time Asset Location System

  • Asset location monitoring is done using sensors. With the RTLS tags you know the location, status and movement of your vehicles, machines, tools, raw materials, and inventory within the factory.
  • Workforce location monitoring is done using wearable devices.  Ensures workforce safety management.  View and share real time activity and performance of workforce.  Location monitoring of workforce helps in gaining insights into increasing productivity and keeping workforce safe.

Energy Management

Insights and data are gained from sensors placed in HVAC systems, energy meters, and other key building/factory systems to provide actionable intelligence to improve energy management, and increase energy efficiency in factories and building. Insights take into account various factors such as energy consumption, heating or cooling load, thermal comfort index and weather forecast. Combined with Predictive Maintenance Systems, it ensures savings in costs due to decreased down time.

Visual Analytics

AI based computer vision models for productivity and quality control. The AI powered systems detects defects in the production line. Visual analytics provided alerts when a security threat is perceived. The AI powered solutions provide alerts to the supervisor when social distancing is breached at the workplace and upon detecting a worker in breach of PPE compliance guidelines (not wearing a mask, safety jacket or helmet). Gain insights into operations and workforce management systems and processes across functions that drive operations.

Supply chain visibility and optimization

We use IoT and AI technologies to gain visibility across the supply chain to optimize the process and avoid disruptions.  We use real time data to provide accurate forecasts and insights.  We help you build an intelligent supply chain.

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