Unleashing Intelligent Industrial Evolution


Unleashing Intelligent Industrial Evolution


Welcome to Orion: Revolutionising Industrial Intelligence

Orion, an innovative proprietary platform meticulously crafted by BLP Industry.AI, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of digital transformation. Seamlessly converging artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things (IoT), Orion takes center stage in shaping the landscape of the Industrial Metaverse. At its core, the platform excels in data aggregation, drawing insights from diverse sources through BLP’s cutting-edge EDGE data collector. This collector, a technological marvel, ensures harmonious compatibility with an array of devices, including sensors, IoT devices, PLCs, Scads, SQL, NoSQL Databases and more.

The true strength of Orion lies in its integrated solution, harnessing the power of AI, machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), data processing, and infrastructure services. This harmonious fusion enables the platform to process and analyze a vast repository of data, unlocking unparalleled insights and driving transformative outcomes.

“Orion” – IoT Platform & Vision AI Platform

Industry.AI provides end to end solutions.data to insights.IoT data and Camera data

Discover Orion, BLP Industry.AI's proprietary platform at the forefront of the digital revolution, seamlessly blending Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT) to pave the way for the Industrial Metaverse.

Key Features:

Unified Data Excellence

Orion orchestrates a harmonious symphony of data, efficiently gathering information from BLP's EDGE data collector. From sensors to IoT devices, PLCs, SCADAs, and more, Orion transforms data into actionable intelligence.

Smart Integration Hub

Designed for compatibility and efficiency, Orion seamlessly integrates data from diverse industrial components, fostering a connected ecosystem for streamlined operations.

Visualize Brilliance

Immerse yourself in Orion's visually rich analytics accessible through web or mobile interfaces. Gain profound insights that redefine the way you perceive
and navigate industrial data.

Control and Alert Precision

Orion empowers you with real-time operational control and a sophisticated alert mechanism. Stay
ahead of the curve, optimizing performance and minimizing disruptions.

PaaS Excellence

Operating as a dynamic Platform as a Service (PaaS), Orion becomes your strategic ally, enhancing productivity and reliability across industrial landscapes.

Insights for Advancement

Leverage the potential of AI/ML/DL technologies with Orion's intelligent platform. It provides actionable insights, driving continuous improvement and automation in industrial processes.

Performance Metrics Redefined

Boost productivity and reliability with Orion's optimization prowess, focusing on machine
availability, cycle time, and asset health. Embrace predictive maintenance and cost reduction.

Sustainable Impact

Orion champions sustainability, enhancing energy efficiency while prioritizing safety, quality, and overall operational sustainability.

Witness the dawn of a smarter industrial future

 Experience Orion, the Platform as a Service that redefines productivity, reliability, and sustainability in the digital industrial landscape

The Metaverse of Industry.AI

Creating the metaverse of the industrial world to transform industry & manufacturing.

Orion IoT Platform - How does it work?

The Industry.AI IoT team installs the IoT devices and connects them through BLP Edge. The platform is compatible with all protocols and therefore helps scale and deploy IoT applications seamlessly.

Orion doesn’t merely collect and process data; it crafts a comprehensive experience for its users. Through user-friendly web or mobile interfaces, the platform provides powerful visualization capabilities. Users are not only informed but also empowered with controls and alert mechanisms, showcasing Orion’s intelligence in facilitating detection, improvement, and automation.

Positioned as a stalwart “Platform as a Service” (PaaS), Orion sets its sights on elevating productivity and reliability across key dimensions of industrial operations. From enhancing machine availability and optimizing cycle times to ensuring asset health, the platform proves its mettle. It excels in predictive maintenance, contributing to cost reduction, heightened energy efficiency, and advancements in safety, quality, and sustainability.

In essence, Orion, birthed from the ingenuity of BLP Industry.AI, stands as a vanguard of industrial innovation. With its cutting-edge capabilities and integrated approach, Orion is not merely a platform; it’s a transformative force driving efficiency and excellence in the industrial landscape.


An integrated solution – from data input to insights. Detect, Improve, Automate

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