An advanced solution that enables end-to-end visibility of assets and provides real-time data
on asset health and performance.



Alerts you to any deviations from predefined conditions, ensuring
the integrity of your goods during transit and enabling quick
response to potential issues.
Track.AI, is an advanced solution that enables end-to-end visibility of assets. It gives you real-time data on asset health and performance, provides insights, and supports the decision-making process. By providing complete visibility over the fleet, this solution helps industries enhance safety and amplify productivity. Moreover, it helps in improving the traceability of assets and optimises supply chain costs and operations.

Use Cases

Inventory Optimization

Reduce inventory costs and get improved visibility on supply chain management

Fleet Planning

Reduce idle time and improve utilisation of fleets through real-time monitoring

Warehouse Optimization

Planning and optimization of warehouse logistics

Predictive Maintenance

IoT-enabled asset tracking to create maintenance timelines for predictive maintenance


Centralised visibility

An easy-to-deploy solution providing better
transparency and end-to-end visibility over supply
chain operations

Reduced maintenance costs

Real-time fleet status and planning capabilities allow businesses to reduce idle time and operational costs

Increased uptime of assets

Detects and sends real-time alerts on asset
temperature, humidity level exposure, etc. of goods in transport

Quicker response to problems and challenges

IoT-enabled asset-tracking capabilities for creating maintenance timelines

Sustainable utilisation of resources

Tracks shipments of sensitive chemicals, perishable goods, etc. which needs to be transported at a
particular temperature and humidity level and thus reducing wastage

Improved health and safety of critical assets

Provides real-time alerts of goods in transport which further helps in maintaining quality and avoiding damages during shipments.

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